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Makpetrol is the new
official sponsor of FC Vardar.

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Results from
the national cup 98/99

Match from the national cup 1/4 finals : Cementarnica Skopje - Vardar Skopje 2:2

komiti.gif (67836 bytes)We are fans of FC VARDAR SKOPJE and we decided that the most popular Macedonian football club deserves to be shown on the Internet. This is an unofficial page and it's made by two great supporters of FC Vardar Skopje.



The latest succes of FC Vardar - Winner of 97/98 National cup
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Team before the game The atmosphere before the game
The team after the win over Petar Milosevski  is receving               
Sloga with 2:1  the Cup                             


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made by Kristijan Bangiev and Nikola Geskovski
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Most of the pictures were scanned by Zoran Jovanchev

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For any organized contact with FC Vardar and his fans, about exchange of souvenirs, call on the FC Vardar fax ++ 389 91 115 639, Click the logo to go to the free soccer only search engine.

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