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FC Vardar's first organized fan group, named "Komiti"was founded on 4th June 1987, at the match FC Vardar Skopje - Red Star Belgrade 3 : 1

"Komiti" are also first organized fan group which had appeared in Macedonia. The fans are following their favoured club everywhere he plays.
They were travelling all over Former SFRY : in Zagreb, Belgrade,  Sarajevo,
Ljubljana and many other cities. They are also following FC Vardar on his European matches and always give great support to him. When FC Vardar plays at home, they are always on the west side of City stadium and their biggest rivals in Macedonia are the fans of FC Pelister Bitola (Ckembari) and the fans of FC Sloga Jugomagnat (Shverceri)  But from this 1998/99 season, all football sympathizers expecting the great city derby between FC Vardar and FC Rabotnicki on City stadium, because the home of both clubs is City stadium. At the matches of theese clubs everybody are expecting great atmosphere and attendance of near 25 - 30000 spectators. 

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