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25.07.2000 - FC Vardar from today is in Sofia on 10 days preparations for the new season.
After the preparations in Krusino and the 3 friendly matches played in Macedonia : 
against Napredok Kicevo 1:1
against Anzhi Mahachkala (Russia) 0:2
against Alumina Skopje 4:0
our club is going in the capital of Bulgaria and there they will stay for 10 days. Today we are playing the first match of the preparations against Lokomotiv Sofia. In the first few days of the preparations in Sofia, 3 our players : Miserdovski, Memedi and Stojanov will be missing because their obligations for the Macedonian national team.

18.07.2000 - CSKA will be the host of the "red - black" players.
The players of FC Vardar will perform their trainings on the terrains of CSKA. They will play 5 friendly matches in Bulgaria, on 25th of July against Lokomotiv Sofia , on 27th against the club of  "7th December", on 29th against CSKA, on 31st (the opponent will be determinated later), on 3rd August against Velbozhd in Kjustendil on their way back to Skopje.
Two Albanian players join the team during the preparations in Krusino but they didn't pleased the criteria of Alekso Mackov - the new head coach. This week two new players will join our club : Dzevdet Sainovski (from Hannover) and Slobodan Miletic (comes from some Belgian club).

On the start of the last Press conference the club director Milenko Nedelkovski exposed the seventh member of board of the directors. Also K.Dimitrovski was replaced with Vangel Simev and Dragi Setinov was released. Momcilo Grosev who was the second assistanti is replaced with Vanco Spasovski, Petreski is free to engage in foreign league (the minimum damage will be 50 000 DM). In the professional players squad will took part 25 players, between them two goalkeepers. It means that for the place in the team will compete Zekir, Zlatanovic and Nuredinovski. In the new team 16 players are from the last squad, 5 are from the young team and 4 places are left for the foreigners, amateurs and possible recoveries.
Janev and G. Karadzov are uncertain. Sakiri signed for Tennis Borussia Berlin. Ljusev and Jovanovski are free and also the former captain of FC Vardar ('94-'95) Mirko Spaseski signed. We expect Spaseski to take part in the consolidation of the team. Five foreigners signed for FC Vardar (Malacarri, Innocentin, Nene, Paulinho and Petrovic), at least three of them will join in the team for the preparations.
The preparations for the second part of the National league will start on 8th of January. The health examination will be performed on 10th and 11th and from 12th to 20th the team will go to Soko Banja on basic preparations. On 31st FC Vardar is going to take part of tournament in Italy where the team will play 4 to 6 matches. The tours in South America and Australia are still uncertain. The HQ provided 3 matches in South America, but they need at least 5 if they want the tour to be profitable. If they realize the tour it will be on January next year. If the financial conditions for the tour in Australia are good, they will realize it too. 

Interview with Koco Dimitrovski
If somebody from the former technical staff gave us support we would be on the second or third place. The unpaid instalments for the contracts created unpleasant atmosphere in the squad that reflected on the field. FC Vardar doesn't have individuals who can beat other teams. Every player must play and that is the key for success. Still, I think that we are shorter for 8 points.
I won't say bad words for Makpetrol because they did everything we asked. The problem was at the club, especially at the former director Vasil Ringov, who rather liked to seat on other places than to watch his team playing.
I think that the "new people" won't let such thing and with 5 to 6 quality reinforcements we will ensure exit in Europe. I see our chances in the cup, although we didn't say our last word in the League.

 In the meantime the director Vasil Ringov was released, the new sponsor is the company "MG Rikom", and on the directors place came Milenko Nedelkovski. The new headquarters promise much tings, but most important work. We hope that FC Vardar wont have troubles in the competition for higher positions.

legia2.gif (3392 bytes)30.06.99 - FC Vardar will play against Legia Warszava in the UEFA Cup
In the qualification round of the UEFA Cup on 12th and 26th August FC Vardar will play against Legia Warszawa. The first match will be in Skopje, so we hope that the new FC Vardar squad will play above their possibilities and beat Legia, also the numerous fans expect qualifying in the next round. The team will have extra motivation because one of the best players that have been playing for FC Vardar in the 7 previous years is back, and the rating points that they will get if they qualify for the next round. If you look at the club's info on the both teams maybe you will conclude that the chances are on Legia, but we hope that our players wont bent before those results. 

Club's Info on both of the teams
FC Vardar Skopje


1911 - But the best results were achieved in the Macedonian First Division which was created in 1992

Honours League Champions 1987 (Yugoslavia), 1993, 1994, 1995
Cup Champions 1961 (Yugoslavia), 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999
No. of matches in the European
Champions cup 2 games - Best results : 1987 Ist round;
Champions League No games
Cup Winners' Cup 4 games - Best results : 1961 Ist round
UEFA Cup 14 games - Best results : 1986 IInd round

Legia Warszawa

Founded 1916 - Since 1927 Legia is playing in the First Division in Poland
Honours League Champions 1955, 1956, 1969, 1970, 1994, 1995
Cup Champions 1955, 1956, 1964, 1966, 1973, 1980, 1981, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1995
No. of matches in the European
Champions cup 20 games - Best results : 1970 semi-final; 1971 quarter-final
Champions League 10 games - Best results : 1996 quarter-final
Cup Winners' Cup 36 games - Best results : 1991 semi-final
UEFA Cup 32 games - Best results : /

2.jpg (26527 bytes)22.05.1999 - FC Vardar won the cup finals against Sloga
This year again at the National cup finals meet Sloga and FC Vardar. The fans of Sloga (Shverceri) expected decent revenge but the players didn't succeed. But most important is that the verbal duels between the both of the fan groups didn't transform into physical because the fan group of Sloga ran out of the stadium before the end of the game. The fan group Komiti was numerus and better organized. The players of FC Vardar had the initiative all the time and they earned the fourth cup title.


mkpetrol.gif (6279 bytes)06.03.1999 - Makpetrol is the new official sponsor of FC Vardar
At secret meeting the HQ of FC Vardar decide that Makpetrol Skopje will be the new official sponsor of FC Vardar. But the fan group Komiti was supporting UFA - Media because they promised that they will repay all the debts of FC Vardar (around 1.000000 DM) and also they guaranteed minimum qualifying for third round of the European competitions.

Shakiri.jpg (4097 bytes)19.02.1999 - Artim Shakiri signed for FC Vardar
The middle player for the national team Artim Shakiri signed for FC Vardar and as a former player of this club he will have the right to play at the start of the spring part of the national league, and of the national cup too. He came from Halmstad (SWE) where he was playing for several years. With this player FC Vardar have serious chance for wining the national league. Also FC Vardar played friendly today and beat Belasica with 3-1. The council which will decide about the new sponsor is delayed for 24th of February.

09.02.99 - Press conference was held by v.d director of FC Vardar
According to the v.d director of FC Vardar Vasil Ringov the new head coach of FC Vardar is Koco Dimitrovski and his asistants are Momcilo Grosev and Dragi Setinov. Also Artim Sakiri maybe will sign for FC Vardar on 19.02 when the council will decide about the new sponsor of the team.

GJORE.jpg (2972 bytes)04.02.99 - The head coach of FC Vardar gave irrevocable resignation.
When the critical period in the club was in progress, the bringing in of the statute. The head coach of the club unexpected gived irrevocable resignation. His heir is still unknown. But unofficialy the candidates are Koco Dimitrovski, Kiril Dojcinovski and Lazar Plackov. The club must to decide fast because the spring part of the national league is going to start soon.


var3.jpg (4718 bytes)05.01.99 - Exceptional council of FC Vardar was held
New council passed in "exceptional" conditions, without the attendance of the president Penov who gave his resignation on 23.12.98, and the three vice-presidents; in the hall full with the members of the fan club "Komiti" who wanted to vote,somehow the council was held, the voters elected new labor presidency and new statute of the club was approved - condition for FC Varadar to continue with the games from the I -st league; The fans anonunced disputation of the statute by cort, also its not certain when will be the election of the new sponsor, but its obvious that the fans give support to "UFA - Media"; In every case they must choose between strong and internationally famous FC Varadar or the fight for domination in the club.

fcvardar.jpg (15850 bytes)23.12.98
FC Vardar had financial problems long ago, but they are not the only one. Now, when there are two offers for sponsoring, from the petrolean giant "Makpetrol" from Skopje and "UFA - Media" from Hamburg, came to major disagreements; the temporary administrative commitee gave unanimous support to "Makpetrol" six days before they got the official offer; from onother side the fan group "Komiti" interupted the council trough their spokesman, they want "UFA - Media" to be the sponsor and return the director's place to Darko Pancev; also nobody talked to "Kometal", on which FC Vardar owes arond 600.000 DM. In this situation the president of the club Risto Penov anonunced his resignation. The council of the club will be reconvoke on 09.01.1999.But for FC Vardar, after all, is good because both and "Makpetrol" and "UFA - Media" are staying in the game and don't run from the investing in the club.