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Zoran Miserdovski

Zoran Miserdovski is the most intersting person that came in FC Vardar because he had troubles with Sloga who clams that his contract is not over.
He said that the conflict with Sloga must be solved in his favour and that he always wanted to play in the red-black jersey.

Esad Colakovic

On the press conference he said that he is happy because his is back in his parent club after six years playing in Sloga. He thinks that in cooperation with the new coach FC Vardar won't have troubles wining the national championship.

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Nedzmedin Memedi

He is one of the best middle players in Macedonia. For the contract with FC Vardar he got apartment with value of 100 000 DM.

What a great result on the start of the start of the new season !! We won 2:1 in Kocani and also our rivals Sloga lost at home from the new first division members Skendija 0:1 ...
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National league
FC Vardar - Sloga Skopje on 26th August
National cup
The draw for the 1/8 finals will be made in September.

Day 1 from the national league : Osogovo Kocani - FC Vardar 1:2

Anionwu Blissing

Nigerian defender will sign for FC Vardar very soon. He is coming from Greece and he is expecting the documents from his former club. We hope that he will justify the expectations of the club's board of  directors.


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