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strelka.gif (17720 bytes)Once more it showed that the real atmosphere for a match like this could be created only at the City stadium in Skopje. 15000 people who support the both teams didn't watch quality football, but the second part was the real thing. FC Vardar started to play more offensively, and Sloga waited for mistake so they can score on counterattacks. With that kind of play at the end  Krstev scored and brought FC Vardar into the leed. Nikolce Zdravevski decide the winner of the match with his goal 9 minutes before the end of the match. With this win FC Vardar became the first team that won the cup three times.

vardar.jpg (340728 bytes)
The team with the fans after the match

vardarteam.jpg (152716 bytes)
from left to right : Trajcov, Janev, Krstev, Jovanovski, Sterjov, Stojanov
Zdravevski, Avramovski, Karadzov, Todorovski, Milosevski