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strelka.gif (44223 bytes)The game was played in great atmosphere and till then unforgettable ambient, under the reflectors and full stadium. The expected fireworks, which was announced by the fan group Komiti, was made on the beginning of the second halftime and it gave special nobleness to the game. With the goal by Savov in 85min. FC Vardar beat the rival from Bitola and became the first title - winner of the national cup. The captain Ljupco Markovski received the cup from the president of the state Mr. Kiro Gligorov.

1993.jpg (57853 bytes)
stand from left to right : Sadiki, Spaseski, Kostov, Jovanovski, Filevski, Markovski
kneel from left to right : Naumovski, Todorovski, Savov, Ciric, Milosevski